Unworthiness Doesn’t Exist in Nature (& Why it Shouldn’t Exist in You)

This is a love note from the land where you live.

The rich teeming soil, the unexpected thunderstorm, the single crow high in the gnarled pine, they all have something to tell you:

Unworthiness does not exist here in the matrix of the living...

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More Than Earth Day

alive earth medicine Apr 23, 2020

It is that time of year when the forest floor is decorated in petal snow and the trilliums have aged to a darker magenta and the green is a presence so all consuming that I taste it on my tongue and know it in my cells. It feels like a serious...

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Rewilding Yourself: 8 Practices to Ignite Our Wild Souls

More and more I am stumbling upon arguments for lost hope and a throwing-in-the-towel for our planet. This backlash is seemingly based in fact: if you are just an average human and not a CEO, head of state, or president, who can make significant...

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Flinch, But Not For Too Long

Why It Is Essential For Women Changemakers to Know Themselves as Part of the Earth...

 Global climate change is always in the back of your mind, a distressing static of sorts. You consider yourself an environmentalist and you make good...

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The Ladies

It is finally time.


The afternoon weather considerate,

warm enough for lace wings and a life outdoors.

When they feel the liberation of open air,

a rush of adrenaline sweeps through,

an invisible lattice of electricity.



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Don't Mess With the Nest

Every morning I am born into the kingdom of Crow.

For weeks now my window has been shrouded with black capes opening, swooping, the exhausting labor of feeding their young. A little nest, well camouflaged within the top of a pine tree, crouches...

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The forest slipped her dry clothes in the still of the night,

waking in the morning wearing some damp, but puffed ball gown

of chartreuse.

She must of drank some spell of sky water

growing twice her size in the untrustworthy mist.

She urges me to...

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Everyday magic is upon us now.

A simple chair by a simple bush,

soaking in a cacophony of pollen rapture.

A common hedge of blooming laurel

turns into whizzing contrails of sensual vibration.

The bee’s song translated in the earth’s...

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earth medicine mothering May 15, 2019

A symbol of pastoral freedom,

their shape shows up on nursery wall decals

and whimsical business cards.

We hold some fascination for these sky sailors

the way they drift and coast,

suspended by their milky parachute ships,

entrusting fragrant...

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earth medicine mothering May 01, 2019

I tell my son he has dinosaurs in his backyard.

Sparks burst within his eyes, momentarily,


Until I reveal that these dinosaurs are the

trio of redwoods

that greet us with rusty lustre.

That these gorgeous woody elephants are


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