a podcast and gathering place for stories of ecological embodiment



What happens when we rub on the body of the earth, how does it brush back against us?


There is a certain fidelity required when we return over and over again to be shaped, imagined even, by the beings, the weather, the land forms, and the elemental powers where we live.


Let us seek:

intimacy across language,

intimacy across culture,

intimacy across species,

intimacy across consciousness.


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#15 Going Skin to Skin

A Conversation About Eco-Soma and Sensory Bonding

Eco-Somatic Educator, Rivka Honeybee Worth, intertwines her love of dance and nature in a body of work she aptly refers to as Eco-Soma. The embodied practices of Eco-Soma are devoted to rebuilding healthy, reciprocal relationships with the living world. In this rich conversation, we explore experiences of fresh interplay between our bodies and the body of the earth, we feel into the presence practice of Futuring, and we consider the fields of possibility that arise from cell to cell listening.

🎧 57 min listen



#14 Ferociously Present

A Conversation About Caressing the Fractures for New Knowings

It was with utter delight that I recently shared a conversation with fellow intranaut and Ayurvedic medicine practitioner, Alana Greenberg. I knew she would be game for turning off the lights so to speak, fumbling around with heightened senses, palpating the fissures, pressing up against some initiatory questions like: What does it mean to re-embody indigeneity? What’s up with our obsession about the end of the world? How does our human body reflect the land body and vice versa (and are there any ways that we might take this sense of “mirroring” too far?)

🎧 52 min listen



#13 Black Joy in Green Spaces

In this episode, two time TEDx speaker and eco-spiritualist, Chris Omni, MPH, shines her bright light on us in a celebration of Black joy in green spaces. This is her poetic theorization of Black joy:

“Black Joy is a Statement, Black Joy is a Stride, Black Joy is Permission, Black Joy is Pride, Black Joy is a form of Resistance, Black Joy is a form of Rest, Black Joy is ANYTHING you need it to be because Black Joy is truly the best!”

🎧 57 min listen



#12 Embodied Elements Series:

The Metal Element & Grief as Praise for Life

Each day the earth seems to be dipping her body downwards, inviting us to purposely step into the dark. Let us not resist, but willingly enter this long tunnel, this inner passageway with its smell of metals, its fertile stone blood. There is no reneging, no reversing the seasons, the elements, the death process. Every step brings us closer to the world’s silent chambers and its caves of glittering minerals, ever closer to the womb of winter, that immovable germinal place of brooding.

🎧 34 min listen



#11 Soul Medicine for Personal & Collective Transformation:

A Conversation about Living Through the Five Elements

A skilled weaver of the sacred through both the ancient and the modern, acupuncturist Lindsay Fauntleroy possesses the rare ability to make the principles of subtle energetic healing accessible within our daily lives. She does this with much wisdom and playfulness in her recently released book, “In Our Element: Using the Five Elements as Soul Medicine to Unleash Your Personal Power.” My favorite moment in our conversation was when she shared her invocation for the current Earth element “to walk like a mountain,” to allow her body to get heavy, to spread out, to take up spaaaaaace.

🎧 40 min listen



#10 Embodied Elements Series:

Nourishing Our Dark Soil Centers

It could be argued that it is one of the most challenging transitions of the entire seasonal wheel: the ending of summer and the beginning of everything falling back to the earth. A magical opposition appears as the energies of the earth grow abundant and generous all the while mysteriously moving into decline and decrease. The Earth element conjures themes related to the harvest, nourishment, and digestion, all the while bringing us deeper into our flesh, our embodiment, our black soil centers. This is an element of substance, and it supports our ability to move wishful ideas into reality, taking abstract thoughts and manifesting them within the material world.

🎧 24 min listen



#9 Land Alchemy:

Co-creating Relationship with the Spirits of Gaia

Through land alchemy and working with flower essences, Camilla Blossom forms bridges of healing and reconciliation between humans and the spirited places where they live. Being in Camilla’s presence, you can feel a deep quiet, echoes from the deep void from which all life emerges. 

🎧 65 min listen



#8 Embodied Elements Series:

The Fire Element- Deepening Our Intimacy With All of Life

It may be the longest journey we ever take, those eighteen inches between our heads and our hearts. Here in the Fire Element season, we can find new dimensions of healing through heart connection and widening our sense of relational intimacy with everything around us. But summer themes of full unfurling are mixed with emotionally-intelligent discernment so that our hearts are able to use their deepest sense of knowing, responding well to each individual moment. This prevents the over-extending, boundary-leaking, or over-consuming that can sometimes happen when we are swept away by the natural enthusiasm of summer spell-making.

🎧 28 min listen



#7 Transforming the Mythology of Who We Were Raised to Be:

A conversation about Our History of Harm and Repaying the Unpayable Debt

Generation after generation, we have been taught to stuff down and ignore the depth of suffering within our colonialist history. For writer and community organizer, Hilary Giovale, a series of unexpected ancestral interventions woke her from this fog of amnesia and denial, shifting her life’s work towards collective grieving, truth-telling, apology, and forgiveness. Hilary begins our conversation with a magical story about how the sacred mountain where she lives orchestrates unbelievable acts of healing and reconciliation. We also explore the importance of sitting with our feelings and letting them change us for good, the power of sound and movement as critical tools of embodied decolonization, and the tremendous healing potential of having a personal reparations plan.

🎧 49 min listen



#6 Dirt on Our Skin and in the Cracks of Our Hearts:

A Conversation About Embodied Writing

In this episode, word-diviner Jen Violi talks about getting beyond the intellectual exercise of writing, instead sourcing our creativity from the rich dirt of our bodies. Perhaps our bodies know something about letting go of the certainty or pressure of written language. Some stories are so alive that they just don’t want to be held down by pen and paper (or computer).

🎧 54 min listen



#5 Global Web of Lovers:

A conversation about cultivating Intimate Communities

Goddess renegade. Midwife mastermind. Holy woman edge walker. But also Lover of All Beings. These were some of the descriptions that came to mind after my conversation with Lorie Dechar. What a gift it was for me to be in soul exchange with Lorie. We talked about everything from the exact timing of the bees and sea lavender on the coast where she lives all the way to honoring the domains of the dark goddess. At the pulsing, vibrant heart of Lorie’s mission is to be a part of this “global web of lovers,” cultivating intimate communities both locally and globally.

🎧 51 min listen



#1 My Love Story:

Rubbing the Land Where I Live + an Introduction of Intent

In this initial episode, Kendra introduces her overarching intent for the podcast and explains why love is an interspecies bridge and at the very foundation of these explorations in ecological embodiment. How will we ever take action, invested at the level of marrow and glacial skull and tooth-root, if we do not know love first?

In this spirit, Kendra introduces us to the land where she lives and to the Deep Dreamers, the very ancient rocks that she regularly engages in heart connection with. She describes how something old and strange pulls her forward in these relationships, deep familiarities stir in her body. 

🎧 24 min listen


Gently gather some soil into your hand. Bring it to your face. Inhale. Feel it change you. All of life is contained in this single breath.

Let us begin with offerings of praise and respect to the ground beneath our feet, the land spirits where we live, taking time to acknowledge all that they have seen, all that they know.

In particular, giving thanks to the Elders- past, present, emerging- of the land where I live, the unceded territory of the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation.

Actively disrupting Indigenous erasure, you can celebrate the living Indigenous people where you live through native.land.ca 

Meet Kendra 

Most of my life has been devoted to the practice of acupuncture and its nature-based value system, it's easy memory that we are soil, fire, wind, water, and spark in human form. Through my teaching, writing, and healing work, I support people who want to remember themselves at home on this earth, at home with the land where they live, at home within their bodies, at home within their very essence. In addition to my in-person work as an acupuncturist, I offer an online course of study in practical Earth-honoring skills and my first book, Throwing Thunder: Awakening the Forces of Nature Within Every Woman was released in 2021. 

It's not the land that is broken but our relationship to it.

Reconnection can be awkward; it's hard to know where to begin. That is why I created EarthHeart, EarthPsyche, an intimate, self-paced course of study meant to help us remember our place within the living world. Based on Five-Element philosophy, rewilding principles, and contemporary animist insights, this learning is for anyone feeling like a refugee, severed from the land where they live.