Expansion is Your Natural State

The cosmos is always expanding and we are its children of 

sparks and riddles. 

Expansion is our natural state of being.

In this expansion we find that we have room for everything.


We have space for the many moons of emotion...

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Sing To Me Just Like That: Part 2

freedom loss nature Jun 22, 2020



I have always gone to the living world with my loneliness, my failures, my heart aches. She is a friend that is unafraid of my very ugliness. 


This time is no different. But now it is nature herself that I mourn, needing...

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Sing To Me Just Like That: Teachings from the Living World about Resilience, Beauty, and Grief

freedom loss nature Jun 22, 2020

If I could pocket this mountain for good, I would. My heart lifts every time I see her, ripped white skirts, unkempt hems peeking beneath velvet cloudscapes. It was this land that called me to her seventeen years ago and I have loved every moment...

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The Ladies

It is finally time.


The afternoon weather considerate,

warm enough for lace wings and a life outdoors.

When they feel the liberation of open air,

a rush of adrenaline sweeps through,

an invisible lattice of electricity.



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