Sing To Me Just Like That: Part 2

freedom loss nature Jun 22, 2020



I have always gone to the living world with my loneliness, my failures, my heart aches. She is a friend that is unafraid of my very ugliness. 


This time is no different. But now it is nature herself that I mourn, needing...

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Sing To Me Just Like That: Teachings from the Living World about Resilience, Beauty, and Grief

freedom loss nature Jun 22, 2020

If I could pocket this mountain for good, I would. My heart lifts every time I see her, ripped white skirts, unkempt hems peeking beneath velvet cloudscapes. It was this land that called me to her seventeen years ago and I have loved every moment...

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The Ladies

It is finally time.


The afternoon weather considerate,

warm enough for lace wings and a life outdoors.

When they feel the liberation of open air,

a rush of adrenaline sweeps through,

an invisible lattice of electricity.



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