Acupuncturist, Writer, Teacher  


Weaving feminine reclamation and Earth-reconnection, Kendra offers transformational medicine that finds and supports your aliveness.

Kendra's in-person practice is focused on Deep Ecology Acupuncture and other restorative techniques that skillfully address modern life-force deficiencies.

Kendra's virtual Fierce Heat of Living program guides women in inhabiting themselves completely, bringing presence and vitality to every area of their lives with radical self-responsibility. 


Do You Remember Your Wildness?


Thunder does not always speak in bone-shaking, cloth-tearing, cracking, clashing cannon bursts. Her language is not always a purring, growling, shivering reverberation, leaving us expectant. She is unpredictable, moving in her own time, at her own rhythm, a roaming changeling within a crush of cloudscapes with teachings to share if we will only listen.


The presence of Thunder is a shock, a wake-up call of electrical ferocity, shaking something loose in us. As her feral energy echoes through our hollows, it excites a primal longing within us. We know we have the capacity to feel this vibrant, this free, this confident.


Charged with introspective questions and journaling prompts, Throwing Thunder is an immersive journey into the heart of our confidence challenges, awakening the memory that unworthiness does not exist in the matrix of the living earth. An earth-based model of confidence reminds us of our innate enoughness, which exists despite our fears, flaws, and insecurities and the ways we try to separate ourselves from the wholeness of our being.



A radical reclamation of what it means to be human...

EarthHeart, EarthPsyche is an intimate journey of remembering our place within the living world based on Five-Element philosophy, rewilding principles, and contemporary animist insights. 

Filled with practical earth-honoring skills, somatic practices, and rituals, this co-creative course is a deep dive into our intrapsychic drive to know the wilderness of our souls.

This is the end point of all spiritual practice, no matter what the creed or kind. Our teachers are not the old men of dead history but the wind and the coyote, the steam rising off the black lake, the cold bones of the earth beneath our feet.

We listen. We integrate. We remember. We reclaim.

At this time on the planet, what could be more important than this?


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