Sometimes we need a little help finding our way back to ourselves.


Nourishing, relational, and tailored to each human, I invite my patients to be active participants in their health. Bringing my full attention, deep listening, and presence to every single visit, I provide a sanctuary for real change to unfold with patience and tender possibility.
My practice is a unique fusion of massage and gentle acupuncture, and is great for people who:


✧ Feel highly sensitive,


 Have had needle trauma, 


 Are first timers,


 Want to experience East Asian medicine but with non-insertive techniques like massage, acupressure, and therapeutic essential oils.

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

My intent is to create a space of safety, with my patient’s resilience as the fundamental treatment anchor. I create nuanced and individualized treatments meant to deepen my patient’s sense of feeling truly seen and heard.

Our bodies hold memory and experience, like buried energetic burrs stuck in the layers of our tissue. In my twenty plus years of practice, I have come to see how traumatic stress can be related to so many elusive, intangible, and difficult-to-nail-down symptoms, such as fatigue, chronic pain, obesity, insomnia, autoimmune conditions and hormonal imbalances, just to name a few.

But the amazing truth is that our human bodies, minds, and souls are fundamentally malleable and hardy, and we are evolutionarily equipped to transform and heal traumatic experiences. 


I commonly offer care to people who have experiences of:

Anxiety AddictionDepressionInsomniaPanic attacksAdrenal fatigue, caregiver fatigue, or feeling burnt outHSP (Highly Sensitive People)Sensory processing disorderADD or ADHDHistories of abuse or neglectHistories of experiential or developmental traumaSelf-worth and self-trust challengesExperiences of loss or griefExperiences of transition, major change, or groundlessness

Women's Health

Empowering and supporting women through every phase and stage of their lives is one of my greatest loves. According to the philosophies of East Asian Medicine, a woman's overall health is reflected in her hormonal and menstrual health. The balance of our reproductive hormones impacts everything in our lives, influencing our stress hormones, blood sugars, moods, energy, and libido. Understanding and working with the cycles of your body as an expression of the rhythms of nature can be a source of power, creativity, awareness, and self-healing. 


I commonly offer care to people who have experiences of:

Gynecological imbalancesPainful, irregular, or no cyclesPremenstrual syndromePainful breasts, fibrocystic breast diseaseFibroids or endometriosisDifficulty conceiving Supportive care during pregnancy and the postpartum periodPerimenopausal / Menopausal transitionHotflashes, nightsweats, ・Fatigue・Brain fog, and loss of libidoHormone imbalances

Pain and Injury Recovery

At its nature-based roots, acupuncture began as an agrarian people’s medicine, and was originally used to treat the ailments of farmers and animals working in the fields. Three thousand years later, acupuncture is extremely effective in alleviating a variety of pain conditions.   

In its most simplified expression, pain is your body’s voice telling you that something is just not moving right through your body. Something is stuck, blocked, injured, or locked down and your body wants to be tended to. My advanced training in bodywork, guasha, and cupping couples perfectly with acupuncture to get everything flowing again. 


I commonly offer care to people who have experiences of:

Arthritis or other kinds of chronic painRecovery from surgery or injuryJoint painNeck and shoulder painHeadachesJaw painSports related painGeneral aches or somatic suffering, especially in instances when you’ve “tried everything else already.”

My Guiding Intent


My work is to grow a grounded and embodied presence, dedicated to the wellbeing of all life. To cultivate a brave, unconditional friendliness towards what is (especially in the messy complexity of trying to human well), and to support my patients in doing the same.


Vermont Acupuncture. Kendra Ward, LAc is a local acupuncturist serving many areas in Vermont.  


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