Gentle Acupuncture and Bodywork  |  Shelburne & Burlington, VT

Over twenty years of experience supporting women in every phase and stage of their lives. 

My practice style combines a unique fusion of:

  • Gentle Acupuncture

  • Acupressure and other non-insertive techniques

  • Bodywork (guasha, tuina, cupping)

  • Aroma acupoint therapy/Therapeutic essential oils

  • Plant ally medicine

  • Flower essences

  • Lifestyle and food medicine education 

  • Earth-reconnection work / Rewilding education 


Pain & Injury Relief

Including surgery or injury recovery, arthritis, back, neck, or joint pain, sports related pain, general aches or somatic suffering. I also have a great deal of experience with all types of chronic pain, especially instances when you’ve “tried everything else already.” 

Women’s Health 

All gynecological imbalances, painful or irregular cycles, PMS, as well as the perimenopausal / menopausal transition. I also offer support to humans trying to conceive, as well as tender care during pregnancy and the postpartum period.   

Anxiety, Stress & Trauma 

Chronic worry, anxiety, grief, depression, insomnia, panic attacks, adrenal fatigue, or a general worldly exhaustion. Quite often unmetabolized trauma acts as a painful physical or emotional wound that inhibits our ability to know ourselves as whole.

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Located at the Wellness Center inside the Shelburne Athletic Club ( 166 Athletic Dr・Shelburne, Vermont・05482 )

NEW ( Acupuncture 1 hour 30 minutes ) @ $165.00
ESTABLISHED ( Acupuncture 1 hour ) @ $95.00


After your initial (new) acupuncture appointment with Kendra, you may choose the following option at a 10% discounted rate.
PACKAGE ( 10 treatments for the price of 9 ) @ $850.00


Who in your life would benefit from a nourishing, regenerative acupuncture session? Gift certificates now available (at 20% off the cost of a new patient visit)! Includes acupuncture, bodywork and therapeutic essential oils, as well as food medicine and lifestyle recommendations.


Office Hours


  • I do not accept insurance at this time but am happy to provide you with a statement at the end of each session with the necessary insurance information for you to submit to your insurance carrier.

Exchange of Resources

  • A percentage of my practice is open to trades and reduced rates- please inquire if finances feel like a limiting factor to you seeking healthcare.


  • Use the contact form at the bottom of the page or call 802-242-2681 if you have any questions.


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"It was such an affirmation of Love to have met you and been your client. You are a treasure and a lighthouse for humanity!"

- HJ

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"A heartfelt THANK YOU for your beautiful presence in my life and for playing such an integral role in my journey to motherhood. I absolutely love your energy and have really cherished our time together."

- CB

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"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me over the years, I truly appreciate your healing touch and kind, gracious spirit."       

- LE

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"We are so very grateful for the kindness, care, empathy, comfort and wisdom that you have provided to us over these many years of life’s ups and downs. You are truly an extraordinary person and practitioner — it is wonderful to know you! Thank you, thank you from the depths of our hearts."

- JS + CS

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"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible work. Your thoughtful, sage words have always been a tonic for me in some of my most vulnerable, challenging times these past years. I always left our appointments rejuvenated, grounded, and at peace."

- MC

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"I was the beneficiary of your vast knowledge, made life changes with your recommendations, and always found my “table time” a quiet and calming safe place- a weekly hour where I could recharge and let the needles do the work of centuries of experience. Thanks again for all your help and wise guidance."

- SR

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"Thank you for so many years (10 maybe?) of wonderful care! It’s hard to express how much my visits here and your caring approach to whole body health has literally changed my life. I am forever grateful! "

- TK

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"Thank you for being such a wonderful, positive bright spot in my life for the last 10 years. I appreciate your wisdom and insight, your gentle guidance, your spot on intuition, and your wealth of knowledge. Thank you for being a steady support for me through the highs and lows."

- CF

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"Thank you for fifteen years of healing, comfort, and friendship. These have been tumultuous years for me and you have been such a blessing. I have learned so much from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

- AH

My Guiding Intent: 



In every culture and medical tradition before our current time, there was an understanding that all living creatures contain a vital life energy. It is this force that is behind the innate self-healing/self-regulating capacity that allows the body to adapt to stress, heal, and transform itself. Traditional East Asian medicine optimizes this inherent tendency towards wholeness, gathering what in us longs to always move towards health. The philosophies of this medicine may be ancient, but they couldn’t be more relevant for the times we are living in. 


To be truly witnessed and heard is the most powerful healing we can receive from another. Deep listening has been my guiding practice and core tenet with the thousands of people I have held space for over the past two decades. Letting the moment breathe, when we speak and listen from the heart we access true healing. I am always listening for the words behind the words, what lights you up, what wakes you with awe. 


Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal are big, sacred intelligences that hover everywhere around us, in the seasons, in the carbon cycle of plants, and in our internal ecosystems, acting as gateways through which we can come to remember that we are another expression of nature’s cycles. Consciously working with the inherent medicine of each element can help us move through the larger phases of our lives with more resilience and presence. 


So many of us are under some strange anesthetic, disconnected from the land we live on, disconnected from where our food comes from, disconnected from the cycles and seasons, disconnected from what makes us feel truly, rapturously vibrant. Attending to all of the layers of your being- body, mind, spirit, and beyond- this is a transformational medicine that finds and supports your aliveness. 


There is a propensity to want to use “natural medicine” to keep glossing over the surface of our lives, to put green bandaids on complex issues. Resistance, pain, or discomfort can be valuable feedback, especially when we are open to their evolutionary potential. The body’s voice is constantly giving us information on how to live, hoping that we will listen and respond accordingly. 


My work is to grow a grounded and embodied presence, dedicated to the wellbeing of all life. To cultivate a brave, unconditional friendliness towards what is (especially in the messy complexity of trying to human well), and to support my patients in doing the same.

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Vermont Acupuncture. Kendra Ward, LAc is a local acupuncturist serving many areas in Vermont.  Burlington・Shelburne・Charlotte・Hinesburg・Williston・Vergennes・Ferrisburgh・Middlebury