There is a deep hunger rumbling in the blackened hollows of women.

A drowsy awareness of how little they offer themselves still. How rarely they actually allow their bellies to be truly filled with all of the beauty and grace of who they are.

This hunger persists because of the surface-scratching ideas we uphold around what it means to feed ourselves well. Insistent yearnings shout of a deficiency that looms: our connection to nature, to the divine, to our own soul-centered lives.

When we go for our own jugular, when we search the dark and juicy places in our underworld psyche, when we are available to do the dirty work of what keeps us tethered and stuck in life, we may find the best of a life we have not lived.

In my work as a writer and teacher, I carry a torch to these very places. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I uphold a sacred container in which women are able to express and explore all of the layers of their lives: their bodies’ wise teachings, their heartaches, their celebrations, the deaths and births, the things they never tell other people. 

Many years into this work I began to internally notice certain themes arising over and over again: confidence wounds, exhaustion, chronic patterns of overdoing and a lack of real self-care skills. 

This is where the essence of my work resides, because when we nourish ourselves well, when there is a solid sense of confidence and enoughness inside, it breaks the cycle of always needing our suckers out, searching for more. Women can finally feel the weighted satiation of their own sufficiency. 

They can finally feed themselves well.

My first steps onto this path of health, healing, and spirituality began in 1998 when I completed the School for International Trainings Tibetan Studies Program in Tibet, Nepal, and India. The insights I received from this experience reverberate in my life even now, providing a bridge into my work as an acupuncturist. 

While steeped in a busy clinical practice since 2003, I received my own teachings on burn out, boundaries, and energy hygiene. A great spiritual education emerged as I laid down a more scorched and depleted version of myself. It was from those cinders that questions arose like:

  • What is the meaning of authentic self-sustenance?

  • What does self-care as a spiritual practice look like?

  • How can we come to know our ecological selves?

  • Why do we still have so much trouble caring for ourselves well?

This last question has the ability to stop even the most seemingly accomplished, intelligent, well-put-together woman in her tracks. How is it that we have managed to build great castles of work, family, and other obligations all around us, always prioritizing someone or thing above our deepest desires and needs?

I guide soul-led women in daring to hear and feel into their essential wants, moving into a wide, delicious stretch of their spirits. 

I mentor women in listening to and engaging with the wisdom and truth of what they need to live well.

I teach women how to boldly claim their feminine confidence and instinctive self-trust, taking their cues from the inherent completeness of the natural world.

I support women in the alchemical inner work that is at the heart of their self-cultivation and actualization.


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You belong here.


"A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself."

~Maya Angelou