Feeling Deeply Nourished Through Earth Element Medicine

earth medicine late summer nourishment Sep 23, 2021

The Five Elements are the soul of Eastern medicine and express the fundamental unfolding of everything in the universe. These old, primordial powers shape our body’s health and internal ecosystem, and act as a doorway through which we can come to remember that we are an embodiment of nature’s cycles.


In celebration of being on the cusp of the Fall Equinox, we will rejoice in the Earth Element, which is an expression of the paradox of late summer’s rising and abundance, mixed with the beginnings of decline and falling back to the ground. How are we feeling this transformation in our animal bodies at this time?


We will also explore the spirit question of the Earth Element: How do I give and receive nourishment? Nourishment not just in my relationships with other humans but also from the whole of the living world. 


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Many thanks to Nature Evolutionaries and Jen Frey for welcoming me into their community and allowing me to share myself in this way. In this teleseminar, we cover all sorts of juicy topics, including a deeper look at:

-How are we digesting our world, physically, mental-emotionally, spiritually?

-The difference between the archetype of the divine mother and the smother mother when it comes to understanding the Earth Element.

-Using the acupuncture point, Celestial Pivot, for deeper healing and purposeful engagement with the Earth Element.