Modern life is increasingly persuading us, transforming us into some domesticated version of our human creature selves. Partially dead but somehow still living. So many of us are under some strange anesthetic, disconnected from the land that we live on, disconnected from where our food comes from, disconnected from the cycles and seasons, disconnected from the other species we live with, disconnected from what makes us feel truly, completely, rapturously vibrant. 


The average American spends eleven hours a day looking at a screen, according to a Nielsen study, and spends ninety percent of their lives indoors, according to a study by the Environmental Protection Agency. A chronic dullness has come over our senses as we fluctuate between extremes of overstimulation or complete apathy. Living like absent-minded gods, we no longer see ourselves as part of the living world, but above it, compartmentalized and separate from it. 


We may have a vague sense that something is missing from our lives. In the quieter moments we may identify a mysterious longing-ache in our depths. Some days we might feel like we brush shoulders with something, a feral force that lives beyond our safe wantings. 


Instead of always watching our lives go by as if stuck behind the safety and sterility of a window pane, we must open the window of ourselves and let the cathartic winds blow through. This tremendous current of life force wants to flash through our senses, flow over our skin, expand our pores, dilate our pupils, and thrash our hair about. 


For our overwhelming suffering and discontent is ultimately based in unmet cravings for wilderness, mystery, and meaningful engagement with the world. We long to submerge ourselves in the flow of all life.

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It is a deeply shocking day when we wake up to all of the ways that we have been half living. Whether we have been hiding behind the demands of work or engaged in the all-consuming needs of family or children, so often we have been acting as a ghost machine of sorts. Mindlessly trudging through our days. Barely existing. Just getting by.


But I want more for you. I don’t want you to exist for survival alone but I want you to inhabit yourself completely, bringing presence and vitality to every area of your life with radical self-responsibility. 


I bring twenty years of clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine, herbology, essential oil therapy, food medicine, bodywork, shamanic energy hygiene practices, and meditation to this transformational work. In many ways this program is the culmination of everything I have ever learned about being an alive, awake, beneficial being on this planet. It does not get any more important or essential than that. And I can’t wait to share what I have learned with you.


I love to go into the dusty, dark, previously unknown and unseen places with women- to expose what they didn’t know was there before and to stretchhhhhh them into a new perspective. For sometimes the fierce heat of being alive requires us to first feel into what is dead, sloughing off layers of accumulated debris and assumption in order to better understand what work, people, environments drain our life force. 

Whether you crave a whole-life reset or feel like a few key areas of your life need some extra attention, here are some ways we will explore more aliveness in your life:


Aliveness in food...

Learn the principles of food medicine according to traditional Chinese medicine and benefit from my vast experience teaching people how to eat for vitality. 


Aliveness in movement...

You may know that circulating your body is essential to your health but are you choosing the best forms of exercise for your body and life in general?


Aliveness in mind...

The same way you brush your teeth every morning and wash your face every night, do you prioritize the health of your mind with the same importance and repetition? How are you still attached to your youthful wounding, degrading self-talk, or unhelpful storytelling and what could you replace those mental habits with instead?


Aliveness in rhythm and routine...

How do you start and end everyday? How do you greet the glowing sun in the morning and tuck yourself in with the magic of the moon at night? How do you listen to the wisdom of your body’s rhythms around eating, sleeping, waking, resting, etc? The voice of your inner healer knows what habits and rituals make you feel most energized.


Aliveness in body and flesh...

How does aliveness and energy flow through your physical form, making you feel radiant and lit up? Where in your body do you dump unresolved emotions or tensions? Do patterns of poor posture, unconscious guarding, or shielding cut off your body from its full expression? How do you carry yourself, upright and available, in your world?


Aliveness in connection with the living world...

Do you get a chance to connect with nature everyday, befriending your own wild essence in the process?


Aliveness in human relationships...

When you know yourself as sacred then you begin to expect that same treatment from the relationships around you. Energetic boundary setting is essential to the joys and challenges of being in healthy, sane relationships.


Aliveness in spiritual practice...

Unabashedly choosing yourself despite the seduction of perpetual busyness is an act of true self-care and self-loyalty. Not self-care in all of its consumeristic, surface-scratching versions, but a self-care that directly links you to your soul. 


Aliveness in creativity and desire...

How do you allow yourself to indulge in the rapturous beauty, joy, and enchantment that is all around you? How do you engage creatively in your life as an expression of your true nature?

Loving, yet action oriented, I have two decades of experience holding sacred space for women swimming through the tides of change. This is a unique opportunity to receive my focused attention virtually over the course of 3 or 5 months.


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The financial exchange for our work together is not based on a pre-set, fixed amount but is a monthly motivating sacrifice that moves you into a place of self-actualization and self-responsibility. According to how financially resourced you are, the range of cost is currently 150$ to 350$ per month. 


Are You?

  • struggling with chronic low energy or a sense of deep depletion, like you no longer know what you love or truly enjoy?

  • feeling a sudden quest to question your identity or live in more alignment with your values?

  • noticing a restless craving to engage more intentionally with all of life?

  • feeling stuck, lonely, or disconnected from your instinctual nature or deeper longings?

  • perceiving a subtle life-force deficit from not connecting with the natural world?

  • feeling a growing awareness of the fleeting nature of your sacred life and mortality?

  • currently at an intersection in life, a flux, a dissolving or re-birth in some form or another?

  • longing to access that Wild Woman part of yourself that is free, powerful and uninhibited?

3-Month Program

1- FREE 20 min connection call to determine if we are a good fit and to help me design an individualized plan for you.

1- initial 60 min call to lay the groundwork and to better understand your intent, expectations and needs.

5- 60 min calls (2x/month). Each call includes time to celebrate actions taken, as well as time for teaching, somatic practices, energy medicine, ritual, and next steps.

5-Month Program

All of the same things as the 3 month but includes 10- 60 min calls total (2x/month) so that we can explore long, lingering stubborn patterns in greater depth. You can also start with 3 months and decide to add on if you need to.


“I want to know
if you know
how to melt into that fierce heat of living
falling toward
the center of your longing.”

~ David Whyte