My Love Story [Episode 1]

In this initial episode, Kendra introduces her overarching intent for the podcast and explains why love is an interspecies bridge and at the very foundation of these explorations in ecological embodiment. How will we ever take action, invested at the level of marrow and glacial skull and tooth-root, if we do not know love first?

In this spirit, Kendra introduces us to the land where she lives and to the Deep Dreamers, the very ancient rocks that she regularly engages in heart connection with. She describes how something old and strange pulls her forward in these relationships, deep familiarities stir in her body. 

She then turns to the listeners with this essential inquiry: 

What happens when we rub on the body of the earth, how does it brush back against us?

 What happens when we return over and over again to be shaped, imagined even, by the beings, the weather, the land forms, and the elemental powers where we live. When we really pay attention we may find that living world yearns for our noticing eye, our guttural hum-song, our invested embrace.

How are you rubbing on, loving on the place where you live? 

In addition to having disruptive, love-centered conversations about an emergent animist worldview, this podcast is a gathering place for stories of ecological embodiment. So here is your invitation to join and collaborate: 

in spoken or written word (anywhere from 1 to 20 minutes) share anything you can think of smacks of earth-honoring revelry. This could be :

  • a ritual you do every morning 
  • a thunderous insight you got after falling asleep in the crook of a tree. 

It could be 

  • a chat you had with the skunk cabbage emerging from their early spring bog,  
  • or prayers you offered to the dead baby fox as you moved him from the side of the road. 

It could be 

  • lessons you’ve learned from rain, from rivers, from your shower. 
  • or conversations you’ve had with the dead-living wood of your house.

It could be:

  • the telling of old knowings in your body, where tree roots live in your feet, where rose quartz has settled in your heart, where dandelions grow from your eye sockets. 

It could be a sacred hymn, a fire-side chat, a description of something completely mundane that reveals itself to you in a fresh way. It could be a telling of where you go to reflect, to commune, to remember what is holy in you, what is holy around you. 

Kendra's deepest hope is that in sharing these experiences of embodied ecology, our reality shifts, our core truths sharpen, and space is made for a new/old earth-honoring culture to re-emerge.

 Share your emergent experiences of becoming with your ecosystem at the STORY CAULDRON!