Plant Spirit Medicine for Initiatory Times [Episode 18]

Sink your taproot deep into the Earth and let's celebrate all that our plant kin have to share with us. Plant Spirit Wisdom teacher, Sara Artemisia, helps us relax into our birthright of kinship with the plants around us. In this episode, Sara and I explore entraining our nervous systems to giant tree meditators, radiating ourselves from the inside out like flowers, and honoring the many plantcestors who rest in the land where we live. 

Here are the highlights from our conversation:

  • Sara delights in describing the land where she lives, which is the traditional ancestral homeland of the Takelma and Shasta people. Despite being environmentally arid, the energy and sacred waters of this land are deeply nourishing, leaving her feeling entirely held.
  • We consider what’s at work when we feel profoundly connected with the land of one place and how this might reflect what we most need at this time in our lives.
  • Living close to the Redwoods, Sara frequently receives guidance from these giant trees. All trees also offer us the possibility of entraining our nervous systems to a more sane, gentle consciousness.
  • Plants use a spherical form of communication, teaching us to open up our periphery and practice listening through all of our senses.
  • We may have a sense of our human ancestral lines, but what about our plantcestors? The land where we live contains the history of billions of plant beings, all with their own family lines, memories, and intelligences. 
  • When we admire a beautiful flower, it reminds us how we too have the ability to radiate ourselves outwards into the world.
  • So many plants have an affinity towards growing in disturbed borderlands. These plants have a special, potent medicine that they carry in the world, if only we could see them as more than weeds or invasive.


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