Land Alchemy: Co-creating Relationship with the Spirits of Gaia [Episode 9]

Through land alchemy and working with flower essences, Camilla Blossom forms bridges of healing and reconciliation between humans and the spirited places where they live. Being in Camilla’s presence, you can feel a deep quiet, echoes from the deep void from which all life emerges. 

Here are the highlights from our conversation:

(3:00) Our understanding about our work for Gaia may continuously evolve. Camilla describes herself as a Landwalker, because she feels as though she has been instructed to move to different places on the Earth. Recently she has been working with a magical arboretum near her home, going deeper into her embodied ecology through meditation, sitting/talking with the trees, and creating flower essences.


(5:15) Camilla describes the four principles foundational to land alchemy: Invitation, Presence, Co-creation, and Transformation.


(10:05) The practice of land alchemy came to Camilla organically over time as she would receive teachings from different elementals and nature spirits while making flower essences. Sometimes the practice of land alchemy involves clearing historical imprints, moving discarnate energies, tending to sick water spirits, or making offerings, but it is always ultimately based in relationship building. 


(15:15) Camilla tells the story of a sick creek deva who was healed by the correct placement of a rainbow crystal. When we help the land feel better we feel better too.


(19:00) We can directly ask the land what it needs and we can tend to it the same way we would a human body (who has experienced trauma, depletion, injury, etc). 


(19:38) Freeing up energetic attachments in the land directly impacts the humans who live there, sometimes even moving them into roles of guardianship. 


(23:22) What does it feel like when the land isn’t breathing and how can we call on the wind spirits, air dragons, (or other local beings, like dragonflies) to help move breath through a place? 


(26:00) In the process of reclaiming the sacred feminine within her, Camilla learned to engage with the thirteen Spirit Grandmothers. Nurturing spaces of creation heals our lineages and frees up lines of persecution. 


(31:35) Camilla describes how working with Grandmother Owl helped her confront her shadows of power. When we are at one with our truest self and Gaia, we have access to the most direct, authentic inner trust.   


(40:07) Deep in our hearts, we have a tremendous longing and need for Grandmother wisdom and elders on this planet. 


(48:36) Our culture does not place much value on playfulness, but learning to more actively, ongoingly engage our creativity and imagination helps us dream up the kind of world we want to live in. 



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