The Whir of Our Doings

busyness sacred rest Jan 14, 2020

"Feeling into the sturdiness of feminine confidence, we cannot keep looking toward busyness to prove that our lives have meaning. All of this overdoing is a very fragile and untrustworthy method of connecting with our value. We must be diligent in catching and deciphering the ways in which we hide behind this rushing around to avoid feeling into our tender hearts. 

We must take the cultural godliness out of busyness and stop worshipping it at its hurried source. Catching the ways we prop up a sense of importance and worth within ourselves, we must take responsibility for how we perpetuate this whir of doing.

Let the living world remind us of the naturalness of our inner cycles. We are just not meant to take action, engage, and project outwards all of the time. For between periods of blooming and growing come pauses of rest, opportunities for us to pull our energy down deep into our strong, expansive roots. "

[From Chapter 7 in "Throwing Thunder"]