The Gracious Void

divine feminine great mystery sacred rest Aug 26, 2021

Pause right there. 


Where is the 

space between each written word, 

space between listening and speaking, 

space between the inhale and exhale, 

space between shifting thoughts, 

space between each of your animated cells?


We believe ourselves to be dense matter but we are so much 



Acupuncture points all over the human body help us connect to the gracious void.

Small hollows and caverns in our flesh lead us to this essential emptiness, 

connect us to the profound source of unending creation. 


Buried in the deep of the deep, 

the dark of the dark, 

the yin of the yin, 

in the womb of all being 

we find true renewal and sustenance.


Here time stirs in a circular pattern that is slower and richer. 

Moving at a pace below all of our crowded hours, 

this soul time shifts with the primal stretch of a redwood’s roots 

deep within the black butter of the earth.


Here we recognize that our busyness does not prove that our lives have meaning.

Here our personal will remembers to live in integrity with our age, our bodies, our spirit.

Here we feel into the real power and resilience of bone rest.


It is only from the stabilization of this inner storehouse 

that our moon souls can blush over the horizon. 

It is only from the nourished yin 

that the healthy yang can finally burst forward, 



a big bang that galvanizes a universe, 


a sperm that thrills a quiet egg, 


a flower that explodes into bloom, 


dripping with effort and wet fragrance. 

©️ Kendra Ward, 2020