Honoring All That We Do Not Know

ecological self great mystery paradigm shift Sep 17, 2021
Kevin Mueller

How might it be a boon to our health and sanity to follow the slippery animal pulse of Nature straight to the Center of All Things?


Because underneath us,

Pillbug is reworking the foundations of countless universes.

Squirrel is feverishly occupied with feeding us all

when the supply chains go down.

Heron has not watched the news,

has not attempted to predict the future,

has not tried to damn the river, undamn the river. 

Wild Pear drops her fruit easily,

shaking her head at the mad clutching of our shoulders, 

like that ever saved the world.

Owl communicates with the Void and reminds us that we are baby teeth,

so soon to fall out, 

so soon to be stashed into a dark drawer.

Vulture knows how to shine through dark feathers,

searching out death because that’s where the life is.

Fern says there are questions that we still don’t know how to ask 

and ways that our tongues still don't know how to move.

There is a remaking underway

that we are not 

in charge of.