All The Delicious Good

confidence inherently complete throwing thunder Jun 06, 2022

It is entirely too easy to let it slide right over us. All the delicious good. All of the juicy encouragements. All the heart-felt well wishes offered by others that could soak deeply into our cosmic cores but often slip over oily feathers instead. 

In an effort to countermand this tendency within myself, I am delighted to announce that Throwing Thunder won the Indie Reader Discovery Award in the Inspirational/Spiritual category


The National Indie Excellence Award in the category of Women's Issues for 2022! 

In celebration, I wanted to offer one of my favorite passages that feels really relevant in this moment of soaking-in-ness:

"Everyday, may you be your own mother sitting on the egg of your original sacredness.

May you never need the incubator of your culture to know your own value. May you never rely on the heat of another to validate your inherent completeness.

May you be hatched by the warmth of your own love. To brush and braid your hair with the gentleness of a doting grandmother.

May you be hatched by the warmth of your own kindness. To touch your skin with the care of a most attentive lover.

May you be hatched by the warmth of your own compassion. To know the voice of your own calling as “dear one,” “sweetheart,” and “my love.”

May you be hatched by the warmth of your own softness. To wrap yourself up in the sweater of forgiveness and have a nap from the endless inner grind.

May you be hatched by the warmth of your own gentleness. To place your hand on your heart, and to love and love and love until the rhythm of its uncontainable pulsing is an echo of resounding strength vibrating out of every pore.

May you crack your shell, free into this world, inherently knowing the song that is only yours to sing, a bird taken flight on the currents of her own power and truth." (p.167)


Awards are so lovely and uplifting.

AND, may I return to feeling hatched by my own warmth. May I know this self-trust in each pore, between each vertebra, and deep within my silty pelvic basin.

I wish this for you too.

With much love + gratitude,


ps. If you haven't yet, you can find your copy of Throwing Thunder here or where ever books are sold!