Illuminating Your Heart's Truth

fire element heart summer Jun 28, 2021

At the summer Solstice the earth holds her arms wide, stretches her clavicles, expands her ribcage, domes her diaphragm, and lets her heart fill with the sun’s light. This expansiveness is mirrored within our animal bodies as we explore, play, and eat the beauty all around us. 


But this always feels like a bit of a tease to me. Just as we are basking in all that the summer has to offer—lettuce from the garden for dinner, fresh cut peonies on the table, and evening walks with delicious wind caressing bare skin—just as we have adjusted to all this light, we slowly turn back to the darkness once more. 


The warmth of the summer turns our hearts into flowers, encouraging us to broaden and bloom. But there is a dilemma here. In this season that is usually about manifestation, growth, and abundance, we are also sensing a collective anxiety, agitation, and unease. 


What happens when the season, the elements, the plants themselves want to persuade us to open fully but our hearts are wary, tested by vulnerable changes in our spatial relationships, mired by a continued  sense of unknown.  Our hearts are asking: 

What just happened? 

What is happening now? 

What is happening underneath it all?


I hope we are all asking these questions, letting them feel difficult, confusing, and bristly. It might not always feel like it, but our hearts are built for this complexity. It does not have to be straightforward. It won’t be. But as with any transition, possibility waits. 


The spirit question of the Fire element asks: How are you expressing your truest self, and in turn, your truest joy? As our hearts are learning to trust again, let us heal through simple acts of delight, praise, and relatedness. 


Relatedness is how we wake up. Without relatedness we eat and drink and live luxuriously but touch nothing. 


This is one of many lessons from my new course, EarthHeart, EarthPsyche. Learning how to bury ourselves within the land where we live and to use adoration as a path to reconnection. 


Adoration is enough. 


These nutritive learnings are for anyone who longs to feel more connected and woven within the sacred continuum with humility and reciprocity. For anyone wanting to diversify their sense of relational intimacy and belonging.


This is what my heart has been yearning for: contributing something more to the spiritual maturation process that we are needing at this time. To not let the possibility of this reimaging slip on by. 


What does your heart long for right now? 


On this precious solstice, may you feast on beauty, purr to beauty, rub against beauty and see what pollen bursts out into the air, covering your face with a laugh. May you remember to be undone by beauty. 

In open-hearted connection,


(Newsletter, June 2021)