Seeking the Rapture of Feeling Utterly Alive

Want it. Want all of it. It is time to finally connect with that inner-creature hunger, a longing to want more from your life. The animal in you already knows about DESIRE, FREEDOM, RECEIVING, and TRUST. But have you been listening?

Writer, Teacher, Healer 

Weaving feminine and nature-based sensibilities, Kendra offers transformational medicine that finds and supports your aliveness. It is soul's work, rewilding work, returning to the Earth work, soothing of your nervous system work.
Kendra's in-person practice is focused on Alchemical Acupuncture and other restorative techniques that skillfully address modern life-force deficiencies.
Kendra's virtual Fierce Heat of Living program guides women in inhabiting themselves completely, bringing presence and vitality to every area of their lives with radical self-responsibility. 

A radical reclamation of what it means to be human...

Hardwired for Wildness is an intimate nine-month journey of returning to our belonging.


Filled with everyday earth-honoring skills, somatic practices, rituals, writing opportunities, wild food and plant medicine, this co-creative course is a deep dive into our intrapsychic drive to know the wilderness of our souls. 

This is the end point of all spiritual practice, no matter what the creed or kind. Our teachers are not the old men of dead history but the wind and the coyote, the steam rising off the black lake, the cold bones of the earth beneath our feet. We listen. We integrate. We remember. At this time on the planet, what could be more important than this?

We begin Spring 2021. Sign up now to get on the waitlist.


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