I am a transformational coach for women, helping you uncover your joy, purpose and essential WILDNESS!   I am an EXPERT at helping you see the PRECIOUSNESS of your life and clearing out the blocks in your internal and external environments.

What drives me is supporting women in the unique challenges and opportunities that come around mid-life. These are women who are hearing a call for change, a deep stirring on the bone level that tells them they have been playing SMALL in some way in their life.


Choose Your Program…

LUMINOUS and WHOLE: for women who are longing for a TOTAL life up-grade

This is like taking a beginner’s mind to your entire life. I support women in deep diving and unraveling all of the ways in which they hold themselves back. And it is through this process that women uncover what true health and purpose means for them. In this program we take approximately one month to move through each level (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual), working for a total of 4 months together.

FIERCE and FREE:  for women who want to turn on their INNER CONFIDENCE and POWER

This program is for women who are feeling a craving to deeply connect with their instinctual nature. We focus on the themes of: Full Embodiment, Power and Inner Confidence, Knowing your Joy, and Embracing your Wild. We will take one month to explore each of these topics, gently sifting through the blocks in your body, speech, mind and intentions, working for a total of 4 months together.

I break it all down in a way that meets you where you are. Not able to go live alone in a off-grid cabin in the desert because you have two young kids at home? No worries. There are still TONS of ways to expose that bigger RADIANT SELF that wants to shine through.

Feeling it in your bones? Work with me!


As a coach it is my job to be your rock, your mirror, your cheerleader and your well of inspiration. I do not “fix” you because you are NOT broken. There is no room for my ego in this show. And in my practice of deep listening and holding space, maintaining healthy boundaries is essential. These boundaries are woven with love and respect and are meant to uplift the situation. 

My shining star of purpose is focused on a sense of life being very precious. Not in a grasping way, but more in a beautiful, EXPANSIVE way. How we think, talk, act and interact is a chance to live well in this MOMENT. It is my mission to help other beings realize their unlimited potential and FORTUNATE BIRTH!


  • You are ready to know yourself better, to feel more aligned with your unique purpose. You are a seeker, always wanting to uncover and learn more about yourself in this crazy journey called life.

  • You are feeling fired up and ready to make a big shift! You are needing guidance and support in making major life changes!

  • You have been trying to bury your head in the sand but life just won’t let you any more. You know you need to make changes but you are mired by a reluctance and stuckness. You need help as life is sending you into uncharted territory.

  • You love astrology and you are interested in understanding your birth chart from a different angle.

  • You are curious about your past lives and how their energetic imprints are still at work within you in your current daily life.  

  • You are feeling completely over-whelmed and over-stimulated in life and would like to have more tools to calm your body and mind. You are looking for ways to feel more connected to nature and to the bigger forces around you.

  • You recognize the connection between your emotional/mental blocks and your less than vital physical health. You would like support in an overall life upgrade as you bring all of the elements in your life into better alignment.

  • You are feeling overwhelmed living on this planet right now and you need help in navigating the intensity of the times we are witnessing. You want to forge new connections to your role as a guardian of the earth and you need support in creating this new paradigm.

  • Or you may just feel drawn in your gut to this healing path!…..

My Medicine

My inner tool box includes a background in traditional Chinese medicine, Evolutionary astrology, essential oils, and energy work as well, as training in the intuitive arts. This work is awake, tapping into a more multi-dimensional way of self-healing. 




Kendra is an extraordinary healer! Through her I gained a priceless knowledge of my body and a greater understanding of myself. Kendra is a kind, patient and extremely intelligent practitioner as well as a teacher.



Kendra immediately put me at ease – she struck a wonderful balance between showing empathy and inspiring action. She is an incredible listener and a truly holistic provider.



I never expected my visits with Kendra to be so life changing. She helped me connect with old thought patterns that were buried in my body and making me sick and unhappy. I feel more present and at ease in my own skin thanks to her!



I was so impressed by my astrological reading with Kendra. She clearly identified my struggles balancing work and family and helped me better understand my life’s current mission. It was so helpful to get her intuitive feedback and action oriented suggestions.



After hitting rock bottom with my health it was only through my sessions with Kendra that I started to feel myself again. I do not believe I could not have done it without Chinese medicine and a guide like Kendra.



Kendra’s has a gentle demeanor and depth of knowledge that immediately put me at ease, and I looked forward to each relaxing session.


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