Embodied Elements Series: The Fire Element- Deepening Our Intimacy With All of Life [Episode 8]

It may be the longest journey we ever take, those eighteen inches between our heads and our hearts. Here in the Fire Element season, we can find new dimensions of healing through heart connection and widening our sense of relational intimacy with everything around us. But summer themes of full unfurling are mixed with emotionally-intelligent discernment so that our hearts are able to use their deepest sense of knowing, responding well to each individual moment. This prevents the over-extending, boundary-leaking, or over-consuming that can sometimes happen when we are swept away by the natural enthusiasm of summer spell-making.

In this exploration of the Fire Element / Summer Season / Heart Energy, we wonder:

-What do our animal bodies already know about summer? How does it live in us?

-How can our hearts open more fully in eco-adoration, waking us up through joy and relatedness?

-On the flip side, how can we learn temperance, knowing how to radiate without burning out?

-Perhaps our hearts are more dynamic and resilient than we realize, inherently knowing how to fill, burst, break, and fill once more.

-With a healthy Heart spirit, our authentic self moves us to honestly communicate the needs and knowing of ourselves to others.

There is even more heart-deliciousness in this episode as I tell a story about enormous ladles, starlight, and our cosmic essence. Oh, and the flinty magic of fireflies is in there too. The episode ends with an offering, a practice for widening your heart presence or what is also known as deep listening.

It is my hope that in these explorations you are reminded to love and love and love some more and to in turn, let everything love you back.


Mentioned Book:

Kigo: Exploring the Spiritual Essence of Acupuncture Points Through the Changing Seasons by Lorie Dechar


Five Element Resources:

Rhythms of Change by Mary Saunders

Five Spirits by Lorie Dechar


Heart Element Resources:

More on Deep Listening 

Heart Coherence Meditation


Fire Spirit Question:

The spirit question of the Fire element asks: How are you expressing your truest self, and in turn, your truest joy?