Acupuncturist, Writer, Teacher  



 Most of my life has been devoted to the practice of acupuncture and its nature-based value system, it's easy memory that we are soil, fire, water, and spark in human form. Through my teaching, writing, and healing work, I support people who want to remember themselves at home with the land where they live, at home within their bodies, at home within their very essence.

My in-person practice is focused on Deep Ecology Acupuncture and other restorative techniques that skillfully address modern life-force deficiencies.


A radical reclamation of what it means to be human...

EarthHeart, EarthPsyche is an intimate journey of remembering our place within the living world based on Five-Element philosophy, rewilding principles, and contemporary animist insights. 

Filled with practical earth-honoring skills, somatic practices, and rituals, this co-creative course is a deep dive into our intrapsychic drive to know the wilderness of our souls.

This is the end point of all spiritual practice, no matter what the creed or kind. Our teachers are not the old men of dead history but the wind and the coyote, the steam rising off the black lake, the cold bones of the earth beneath our feet.

We listen. We integrate. We remember. We reclaim.

At this time on the planet, what could be more important than this?


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